Part II - Enacted First Nations Legislation

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Ministre des· Relations Couronne-Autochtones Ottawa·I Canada K1A 0H4

I, Minister of Crowo�lndigenous Relatlons, HEREBY APPROV�, pursuant to section. 83 of the Indian Act-, the following by-f'aw made by the Fett McKay First Nafi<?n i11 the .province of Al_ber:ta; at �- meeting held on- the 19th day of May 2021_.

Fort McKay First Natic;m Rates By-law 2021

Dated at-Ottawa, Ontario, this: 1°� .. day of Hon .. Carolyn �nhett, M.D., P.G,, M.P:-Canada

Minister of. -Crown-:-lndigenous · Relations

.l-u."e.. 2021.

FORT MCKAY FIRST NATION RATES BY-LAW 2021 WHEREAS pursuant to the Indian Act, R.S.C. 1985, and specifically paragraph 83(l)(a) of the Indian Act, 1985, c.J-5, the Council of a band may make by-laws for the purpose of taxation for local purposes of land, or interests in land, including rights to occupy, possess or use land in a reserve and with respect to any matters arising out of or ancillary to such purpose;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Fort McKay First Nation (also known as the Fort McKay Band) enacted the Fort McKay Property Assessment and Taxation By-law on September 3, 2009 and approved by the Minister on February 8, 2010;

NOW BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the following by-law be and is hereby enacted pursuant to the provisions of the Indian Act, and in particular section 83(1) for the purpose of establishing annual rates of taxation.

l. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the Fort McKay First Nation Rates By-law 202 J. 2. Pursuant to Section 8(1) of the Fort McKay Property Assessment and Taxation By-law, the tax rates for each class of property shall be in accordance with Schedule "A" which is attached, and forms part of the 2021 Rates By-law.

THIS BY-LAW IS HEREBY DULY ENACTED by Council on the 19th day of May, 2021, at toe\: /Vlc.K , in the Province of Alberta. c-:y A quorum of Council consists of (5) members of Council.

Chief Mel Grandj amb Councillor Raymond Powder Councillor David Bouchier

Councillor Melinda Stewart Councillor Crystal McDonald

2 SCHEDULE "A" The Council of the Fort McKay First Nation hereby adopts the following taxation rates for the 2021 taxation year for the following classes of property.

COLUMN 1 Class of Property as prescribed under Schedule II and Section 8(1) of the Fort McKay Property Assessment and Taxation By-law.


Class 1 - Residential Class 2- Non-residential and linear property Class 3 - Fann land Class 4 - Machinery and Equipment

COLUMN2 Rate of Tax applied against each $1,000.00 of the assessed value ofthe land and improvements as determined in accordalice withPartIV of the Fort McKay Property Assessment and Taxation By-

16. 7202 13.0764 2

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