Part II - Enacted First Nations Legislation

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�� •''f "�:it�, .. %�. . : ,;�✓-• ·nl3� Minister o'f Rel:itions Courdnhe-�r��::,�� :Crown-Indigenous Rel.at1ons Ottawa, Canada K1 A. OHA

!; Minister·ofCrown-lndigenous· Relations, HEREBY APPROVE_; pursuant to secfion 83 of the lnd;an Act, the following by-law made: by the Fort McKay Ffrst Nation· in the Provinc.e of Al�rta., at a. meeting· held on the ·19th day of May .2021-

Fort McK?.y First Nation -Annual Expenditure By-law, 2021

Dated at Ottawa, Ontario, this 3o ++-> �� _Hon. Carolyn Bennett, M.D., .P.C., M,P. Canada

day of J..,."'G 2021.

FORT MCKAY FIRST NATION ANNUAL EXPENDITURE BY-LAW, 2021 WHEREAS, A. Pursuant to section 83 of the Indian Act, the council of a First Nation may make by-laws respecting taxation for local pwposes of reserve lands, interests in reserve lands or rights to occupy, possess or use reserve lands, including by-laws authorizing the expenditure oflocal revenues;

B. The Council of the Fort McKay First Nation has enacted the Fort McKay First Natio11 Property Assessment and Taxation By-law, respecting taxation for 1ocal purposes on reserve; and

C. The Council of the Fort McKay First Nation wishes to enact' this expenditure by-law to establish a budget for the expenditure of revenues raised under its property taxation by-law in the current taxation year;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Fort McKay First Nation duly enacts as follows: 1. This By-law may be cited as the Fort McKay First Nation Annual Expenditure By-law, 2021. 2. In this By-law: "Act" means the Indian Act, R.S.C. 1985,_ c. 1-5, and the regulations made under that Act; "annual budget'' means a budget setting out the projected local revenues and projected expenditures of those local revenues during the budget year;

"artnual expenditure by-law" means a by-law enacted under subsection 83(2) of the Act; "Council" has tbe same meaning as "council of the band" in subsection 2(1) of the Act; "Fll·st Nation" means the Fort McKay First Nation, being a band under the Act; "local revenues" means money raised by the First Nation under a property taxation by-law and payments made to a "First Nation in lieu of a tax imposed under a by-law enacted under subsection 83(1) of the Act;

"property taxation by-law" means a by-law enacted under subsection 83(1) of the Act, and "Taxation By-law" means the Fort McKay First Nation Property Assessment and Taxation By-law. 3. The First Nation's annual budget for the fiscal year beginning January I, 2021 and ending December 31, 202'1, is attached as a Schedule to this By-law and lhe expendilures provided for in the Schedule are authorized.

4. Expenditures of local revenues must be made only in accordance with the annual budget. 5. W11ere the First Nation wishes to authorize an expenditure not authorized in this By-law, or change the amount of an expenditure authorized, Council must amend this By-law in accordance with Council procedure and the requirements of the Act.

6. Except where otherwise defined, words and expressions used in this By-law have the meanings given to them in the Taxation By-law.

7. Thi� By-law authorizes the expenditure of contingency amounts as necessary within any of the categories of expenditures set out in the Schedule.

8. Where a provision in this By-law is expressed in the present tense, the provision applies to the circumstances as they arise.

9. This By-law must be construed as being remedial and must be given such fair, large apd liberal construction and interpretation as best ensures the attainment of its objectives.

10. The Schedule attached to this By-law fonns part of and is an integral part of this By-law.

11. This By-law comes into force and effect upon the approval of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. THIS BY-LAW IS HEREBY DULY ENACTED by Council on the Ji_ day of M , 2021, at h>d Mc.K.c.,, y , in the Province of A\ber-:\:o-., o._y A quorum ofC ouncil consists of(5) members of Council. uU52 Chief Mel Grandjamb Councillor Melinda Stewart -,�,E:__'--- ----,l Councillor Raymond Powder Councillor Crystal McDonald Councillor David Bouchier

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